The Short Version:

1) Start with clean, dry lips
2) Shake well
3) Apply THREE layers always
4) Let dry completely
5) Apply gloss


The Elaboration:

LipSense is a unique product that can take a little getting used to, but once you learn the folliowing tips and tricks, you’ll never have to worry about your lipstick smearing, smudging, fading, budging, feathering, etc again! Your color will stay on from 4-18 hours depending on your day. Lasting power can be affected by the foods you eat, changes in you pH or hormone levels, certain medications, etc.

*Apply LipSense to CLEAN, DRY lips. This means no lipgloss, no primer, no lotion, no chapstick, no Vaseline, etc. If in doubt, use witch hazel to wipe them clean. Makeup wipes will leave a residue. Anything oil based is going to break down your LipSense. Having facial moisturizer too close to the edge of your lips can also cause a problem.

*SHAKE the LipSense tube really well before application.

*KEEP YOUR LIPS APART while applying the LipSense, and let each layer DRY COMPLETELY before applying the next layer.

*LipSense works in LAYERS. A minimum of 3 layers is necessary to get the best pigment and lasting-power out of your LipSense. Try to apply each layer with one clean sweep, and avoid rubbing the wand back and forth on your lips. Remember: This is not a typical lipstick, and does not act like a typical lipstick.

  • 1st layer of LipSense touches the lips and the pH level of the skin will begin to break down that first layer fastest
  • 2nd layer of LipSense is protected by the first layer and is away from the skin’s pH so it will last longer
  • 3rd layer of LipSense protects the second layer from the top down by keeping away friction, saliva, and the natural environment

*Work in THIN layers.

*After applying your layers and letting your LipSense dry COMPLETELY, apply gloss, rub your lips together, rub your finger all over your lips, and marvel at the staying power! Then go out and rule the day!

*The gloss will soak deep into your lips, unlike regular lipstick. The gloss and color work together; the gloss will permeate through the color into your lips to hydrate them. Once the gloss soaks in, you will need to reapply. You will need to reapply the shea butter gloss frequently during the first two weeks of using LipSense until the moisture content is built back up in your lips. You may experience a natural exfoliation process during the first 1-4 weeks of use while your lips recover from previous products.

*Gloss before eating, drinking, etc, to help protect your color. Stay hydrated, inside and out 😉 Be aware that greasy, oily foods will break down your color (i.e. buttered popcorn, bulletproof coffee, salad dressings, etc).

*Your starter kit includes an Ooops! which can be used to remove the color, and is great for fixing mistakes during application. Make sure excess is wiped off if you use it as a corrector. LipSense can also be removed with oil-based or glycerin products, like coconut oil, makeup wipes, or certain soaps.

*During Summer months, keep your products out of direct sunlight, and never leave them in the car!

*Matte colors and bold colors tend to have longer lasting-power than shimmers/frosts or lighter shades.

Again, if you have questions, or need more tips or tricks, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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