Happy New Year!

Popular Upcoming Beauty Trends — from Harper’s Bazaar, featuring in-stock 702Lips/SeneGence products: 

    1. Glittering Eyeliner: Glittering, shimmering eyeliner adds dimension and a touch of luxury to your makeup looks. Try Gilded, Ocean, or Starry Sky EyeSense Shimmers and draw a sophisticated but playful cat eye shape. Gilded EyeSense Shimmer is shown below.


    1. Glowing Skin: Healthy, dewy looking skin looks great year round, but is especially big for the upcoming season. Nourish skin with SeneDerm SkinCare, and add an extra dose of highlight for that glow effect, with MakeSense Pearlizer, available in Anti-Aging formula.



    1. Rosy Eye Makeup: Pink or rose tinted eyeshadow will continue to trend into 2018. Adding a touch of pink to your eyeshadow looks adds a romantic, feminine edge, and will especially make green eyes pop. Try ShadowSense in shades like Pink Frost, Mulberry, Whisper Pink, Pink Opal Shimmer and Garnet.


  1. The Red Lip: Red lips are a classic trend that never goes away. Find your perfect red LipSense shade that will not smudge, transfer onto cups or food, and will not kiss off! For a cool red, try Blu-Red. For a warmer red, try Fly Girl. Other red variations include SheLaLa, Plumeria, Fire-N-Ice, and B.Ruby. (Shown below L to R: Blu-Red, Pomegranate, Strawberry Shortcake)